Friday, April 1, 2022

Cover and article in Westword magazine!

 Super stoked that Westword magazine is gracing my art on their cover this week! They have a whole big article about the Galaktic Gang in there too! Available for free all over Denver! And if you cant get a physical copy you can check the online one HERE>

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Liberation (Vinyl) Mixtape!

Super Stoked that I managed to do my 8th yearly Vinyl Mixtape just a few days before the year ended!! Here I offer 2:22 hours of a wide variety of good songs, with a united message through out! I love expressing myself through these vibrational gems! Please pass it on!!

Monday, December 20, 2021

Galaktic Gang NFT series Launch!!

Late to Post this cause I was so busy! Now that my Galaktic Gang is getting Minted, we threw a launch party this past Saturday night at IRL Gallery! It was a blast! I played vinyl records for some hours and live painted. My friend Illuminati Congo from Chicago came to perform his conscious hiphop too!

Thanks everybody for supporting this project! We still have to mint the last 1000 Gang member so please go and do so HERE>

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Westword Magazine article

 Another magazine that dropped an article about me today is Denver's free weekly Westword! Its a big long interview about how I just moved to this city and my recent activities! 
Check it out HERE>

Forbes Magazine Article about GG project!

 Forbes Magazine just dropped an article about my latest NFT project the Galaktic Gang !! Please check it out HERE>

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

My first NFT!!

 Heads up that today I am launching my first NFT offering! Its a collabo with popular LA producer "The Gaslamp Killer" and animator Ryan Uhrich!
There will only be 22 pieces offered so make sure you scoop one before they run out! To get it, please go HERE!!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

New Episodes of my Podcast Show!!

 So I dont want to post on this Blog once a week about my Podcast shows that come out that often. 
Each artist and interview is super interesting and unique, so make sure to catch them all!
Videos can be seen HERE!

Forbes and Rooster magazine Press!

So I had some nice Press this month!
I didnt even know that Forbes magazine had a Psychedelic branch, but they recently placed me on they're Xmas Wishlist. Super honored! Check it out HERE!

The other magazine was Rooster, from Colorado, who interviewed me in a big article and placed my art on the cover! Check the Web version HERE!
Happy when my medicine reaches the masses!

Friday, November 20, 2020

New Podcast Interview with Labrona!

On the 3rd Webisode of my new Podcast Show, I interview my good friend Labrona, who is one of the most legendary street artists of Montreal. Enjoy and please share!!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Article in High Times Magazine

 I forgot to tell you while it was out, but last month I was in High Times, giving my points of views on street art and how it parallels to Cannabis.

Conversation with Alex and Allyson Grey

Super Stoked to be interviewed by my old artist friends Alex and Allyson Grey, for their Cosm Podcast!! Hope you enjoy the vibes!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Chris Dyer's Creative Friends #2- Germ Dee

Monday, November 9, 2020

Brand New Podcast show!!


So I am super stoked to present to you a brand new project in which I have invested a lot of time, resources and effort! My own YouTube Podcast show called "Chris Dyer's Creative Friends"!! Every Friday I will be launching new episodes from my YT Channel, featuring interviews with my many artist friends! The first episode is with my good friend Danny Rebel, who is both a painter and a musician. Hope you will enjoy it, and if you do, please subscribe to my channel to catch more of these shows!

New "Selector El Flyer"Mixtape!!

Positive Creations · Mixtape 7 2020 - Spiritual AF Mix
Here is the latest of my yearly Mixtapes, reflecting some 2020 vibes, and made from
tasty selections of my vinyl record collection. It runs for 2 hours and a half, which
you can stream or download. Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

"Midnight on Earth Podcast Interview!

I just did a new interview with this awesome podcast called "Midnight on Earth". Hope ypu enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Upcoming Online Seminars Im teaching

Soon I am teaching at a couple of super cool Online Seminars soon!
The first one is for "Maps Canada" who focus on research of Psychedelics. The line up of speakers is pretty epic, so it's an honour to be part of this!
My class will be this coming Tuesday 21st of July at 6pm (East coast time)! Please join us HERE and if you want to save 10% you can use the code DYER10 .

Then my artist friend Jake Kobrin is doing a seminar to help younger artists with the information that we can share. To check out the info and sign up, go HERE>

New Podcast Interviews!!

Ever since Quarentine started I have been doing a ton of live interviews, art jams and Podcasts. Here are 4 of my most recent Podcast interviews with "Living Indubiously", "Help Im Alive", "Soul Shift Sundays" and "Permastoked". Please click on the podcast name to follow the link to the interview. Enjoy!!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Irish Podcast Interview!

Check out this new interview I just did with the Irish Podcast "Rallen's Rant"!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

FINAL Artventure video (in Jordan)!!

I recently released the latest Webisode (#36) of my "Artventures" travel video. Since we cant travel for a while, this is the Season Finale, and who know, maybe the final episode, we'll see. Anyways, this one is about my trip through the country of Jordan, its amazing desert nature and super ancient ruins (including Petra). Hope you will ejoy it along the rest of the series!

A Prayer to Humanity

 Recently I released a video of a prayer I did, asking for healing for humanity. My friend Burt Vera Cruz made an amazing animation based on one of my paintings, to further empower the spell.
Then the nice people from "Vida Random" in Mexico added subtitles in spanish for the latino audience out there.
While I saw that video, I found out that "Vida Random" had made a full video about my art, over a year ago (I had never see it yet). Hope you enjoy these!!

Article about my country Home in Peru

This Peruvian blog called OSMOSIS just released an article about my parents country home in Peru, where I am currently spending my Quarentine. It is in spanish, but it has lots of lovely photos, so please go and check it out HERE>

Monday, April 6, 2020

Live Posca Paint Party with Drew Brophy!

Here is the video of my Live jam with legendary surfboard artist Drew Brophy and over 100 rad artists fro around the world painting together with Posca pens! It was super fun, so I hope you enjoy it too!!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Live tonight with Drew Brophy!

Tonight I will be joining the legendary California Surfboard Artist in one of his "Posca Paint Parties"!!
Happening live on Zoom, you can paint with us, make questions and enjoy the fun!
If youre interested, go HERE.

Coronavirus interview for "Weird Music Podcast"

Hi! Here is a brand new interview I did yesterday with "The Weird Music Podcast"! I talk a lot about my positive perspective of this Coronavirus situation and also shamanic medicines. Hope you enjoy it!!

Friday, March 13, 2020

New Israel n Palestine Artventure Video!

Super stoked to share with you the latest webisode of my travel series!! This one covers my trip to Israel and Palestine. Because of the confusing situation between these 2 countries, I united the reports into one video, as to hear what is happening on both sides of the wall. I just listened to the people. I believe that communication and understanding is needed on both sides in order to find some peace. But anyways, I think people might hate on me no matter what I present here, so I share with you our discoveries, along the art we dropped on the way. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Group exhibition in Lima

So these days, I am part of a group art exchibition in Lima, called "El Lenguaje de los Dioses". Up in Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, on Larco street of Miraflores. Enjoy the ayahuasca inspired art until March 29th!

Interview on "No Simple Road" Podcast

Hi! So I just did a real fun n interesting interview with this cool Podcast from Oregon called "No Simple Road". They focus on psychedelic topics so that is what I was talking about mostly. You can find it on Spotify or Itunes or just go to this link: Enjoy!

Artventure video in India!

Here My Latest Artventure travel Video!! This is one of my best ones, covering a month of exciting cultural explorations and art in the epic country of India! Hope you will enjoy it!

Friday, December 27, 2019

New Artventure video in Jamaica!

My latest Artventure travel video just came out! Webisode #33 goes down in Jamaica where I got to paint both the Bob Marley and the Peter Tosh mausoleums! Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Mixtape #6!

Hi! Super Stoked that I got the chance to put together a new Mixtape made from my personal Vinyl Record collection! This 6th Mixtape is a 2 hour ride through amazing music of different genres, but composed in a way to tell a story. Download it or stream and listen to it as you paint! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

In the new Thrasher Art Book

Super honoured to be in the new art book by Thrasher Magazine! I got invited to be part of the badass section in the end, "Friends n Family" which included so many legendary artists and skateboarders!
And then also, in the previous pages of the book, you can see some old art O sent to them back in 2000 n 2002!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Miami Art Basel Artventure!!

This Artventure video is a special one! Less about travelling, but all about the big solo exhibition I did in Miami, last December, during the Art Basel madness. Here you can see all it takes to self produce a quality solo exhibition, with the help of your friends and community. Hope you enjoy it!!

Shows n muraling in Miami

Soon I will be back in Florida to reunite with my art family during the Art basel time!

I am part of a couple of art shows
and also painting a mural in Wynwood.
Here some flyers of where you can find my art!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Voyage LA Article

The Los Angeles California Magazine "LA Voyage" just made some articles about inspiring artists, including myself. Read my interview and pics HERE.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Interview with Heads Magazine

My old friends from Heads magazine recently did an interview with me. Its really fun n in depth, so go n check it out HERE!

Friday, October 18, 2019

New Artventure Video in Hungary!

My Artventures series is back, after a chill summer hiatus! Webisode 31 goes down in Hungary, where I explore the beautiful culture of Budapest, but also the psychedelic scene at Ozora Festival, where I painted a big mural along so many artist friends. Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Podcast Interview

Check out this cool Podcast Interview I did in Denver this past spring! It asked me questions in cntrast to the career of one of my biggest influences, Jim Phillips. Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Artventures Recap

As my travel show "The Artventures" is now on hiatus till we build some new episodes for ya, here weve made a lil video talking about the project and showing some clips from the past 20 episodes we already released on my Youtube channel!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Thailand Artventure video!!

Hi! Here is my 30th Webisode of my Artventures series! This special one happens in Thailand, checking out Buddhist temples, cruising through beautiful nature, painting murals, teaching workshops, doing shamanic ceremonies (aya n kambo), getting magic tattoos, etc. Hope you will enjoy this! If you do, please Like and Subscribe!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Live Painting in Denver!

This May 11 I will be in Denver, at the Black Box venue, live painting all night to these awesome dj/producers! Make sure to catch me there! For more info, go HERE!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Galaktic Gank Group Show in Boulder!

This May the 4th (Star Wars Day) I am having a group show in Boulder Colorado where Ive asked 30 of my closest/most talented artist friend to paint a blank of my new Galaktic Dude toy! The lineup is amazing and I cant wait to see what everyone does!! Happening at Phil Lewis Gallery (2034 Pearl st) between 2 and 6pm. Hope to see some of you there! More info HERE!

Live painting in Greensboro, North Carolina

 Soon, April 6th, I will be in Greensboro North Carolina, life painting on stage along Charles the First, Of the Trees and others! Catch me there if you can! More info HERE.

Workshop at Cosm in New York coming up!

 So my yeartly (and 7th) art workshop at COSM is coming up! Cosm (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) is Alex and Allyson Grey's sanctuary of visionary art in upstate New York, which is a wonderful place full of spiritual art and inspiration! My clases there are always super special, so please sign in if youd like to be part of that fun! For that go to 

New Artventure video in Australia!

Guys! My latest Artventure travel video just came out! This one is a piece about Australia which includes my murals and workshops I did there. I also share the art, culture, nature, people I experienced there, so i hope you enjoy it!!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Cuba Artventure Webisode!

Guys! Her eis my 28th Webisode of my Artventure travel video series! Its about my trip to Cuba and is really tight cause I was able to take my filmed onto the trip! Please check it out!

Monday, January 7, 2019

VIenna Artventure Video!

Here is my newest Artventure webisode (#27)!! This one is a solid 40 minutes chapter about my 5 weeks in Vienna, teaching at the Visionary Art Academy. Other than the art we make there, I also explore different museums of that classic city. I also do a master cleanse fast, so you might find that interesting too! Enjoy!

Cool animation of my art!

Check out this super trippy animation that this talented kid named ZIP VISUALS made using my art and the music of Tipper. Watch on the big screen! And subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Friday, January 4, 2019

"Healing Visions" Retreat in India!

So my next big "Healing Visions" Art and Medicine Retreat is happening this February in Goa, India!! Wow!
I will be at Anjuna Beach teaching a 5 day workshop and then my Peruvian shaman will be there to do sacred medicine ceremonies at night. It promises to be super magical!!

For more information and sign ups, please go to my web page HERE>

Miami Art Basel Interview

Check out this cool unedited interview/conversation with myself, at my recent solo exhibition in Wynwood, Miami. It was the middle of Miami Art Basel, so I look exhausted, but happy. Thanks to Jonathan Garza of Austin Real Estate and Denver Real Estate Photography.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Inner Art World Interview

Check out this cool new interview I recently did with my friends from Inner Art World. Too see the cool products they do for me, please go HERE>

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Amsterdam Artventure video!

Check out the 26th webisode of my travel video "The Artventures". In this one Im in Amsterdam, painting for a street Art museum, living in a boat house, skating around n checking museums. Aso live painted a bit at a coffee shop. Hope you will enjoy it!!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Italian group show

So Im gonna be part of a group show in Italy next month! Happening at the Palazzo Doria Spinola in Genova, it opens on November 15th. The art should be soulful and the conference interesting. Enjoy!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Galaktic Dude Vinyl Toy!

Im making my first toy!! As a toy collector I always wanted one of my own, and since no toy company was knocking on my door, I decided to do one by myself. Its been a huge investment of money and time to order these made in China, but I am so happy to see the samples of it!

These Galaktic Dude action figures will be 10' tall, full colour vinyl, with movable parts and an accessory skateboard!

Only 100 will be produced, and half have already been sold on pre-sale. So grab yours before they run out, at !!

Brazil Artventure Video

My newest Artventure travel video is out! This 25th special webisode is a 40 minutes long piece about Brazil, with all the things you like: art, culture, nature, shamanism, skateboarding, graffiti, spiritual people, etc. Make sure to check it out!

A lot of work goes to making these videos, and they are free of charge, so please support by liking, subscribing and commenting on YouTube. Hope you will enjoy t!!

Miami Basel Art Offerings!!

 Miami friends! Soon I will be back in your city to share my art!! Ive rented a lil warehouse in Wynwood and will be doing a few events for you!!

Starting with an art workshop Im teaching between November 29th and December 2nd. Info at the Facebook Event or my Webpage.

Then I am doing my first solo exhibition in the states in 5 years! I am bringing my whole original art collection, which you can enjoy between December 6th and 9th, during the Art Basel crazyness.

Info at the Facebook event page or the Moksha Family Webpage

Address is 2545 North Miami Ave #3, in Wynwood.

The opening reception will be December 6th, starting at 7pm. I will dj some vinyl, along some friends I will announce soon.

On December 7th I will give a speech, along other artists. We will also have a discussion panel. More info on who will be on it coming soon.

Then on the night of December 8th it will be the great Closing Celebration. A big dance party with awesome performers we will announce soon enough!

All of this is thanks to my friends at Moksha Family and Saturnlight Studios. Also thanks to my sponsors Guyaki Yerba Mate drinks and Vans shoes.

Monday, September 17, 2018

New Artventure video! In Cosm NY

So the newest of my travel videos just got released! Webisode 24 happens at Cosm, the wonderful visionary art community of Alex and Allyson Grey, in Upstate New York. Hope you will find it entertaining!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Live Painting in Saint Louis

Im going to be doing some live painting in Saint Louis soon, at this one night party called Positive Vibrations! Happening on September 27th, it promises to have great music and memorable moments of joy and laughter. For more info, go HERE.

Blogs Im in this week!

So I was in a few blogs this week worth checking out!

The first one was who did a big interview with me!

Then Infinite Bit had me suggested at #2 as one of the best 33 Visionary Artists you should check out!

And The Inside Rift had an article exploring what consciousness was. I was quoted along some geniuses, so its an honour!

Go n click the links to check these out!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Easter Island Artventure Video

 My newest Artventure webisode just dropped this week! This one goes down in Santiago de Chile and Easter island. Hope you will find it interesting and entertaining!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Positive Creations brand revamp!!

So I don't know if you've noticed on my social media, but my humble clothing/accessories brand Positive Creations (since 2003) has recently been revamped!! Lots of hard work n financial investment has gone into improving teh quality of the product and also offering it in an elegant way. We now have had booths at different festivals (like Electric Forest, seen in this picture) where we sell our goods and you can also get it off our brand new web store > Check it out and hope you enjoy!!

New Artventure in Tarapoto, Peru!!

 SO I just released the newest webisode of my travel n art video series! This Artventure happens in teh jungle of Peru, Tarapoto, where I guided a retreat focusing on healing with shamanic practices and then expressing the experience through art. I hope you find it interesting n entertaining!

Monday, May 14, 2018

New Mixtape!!!!!

Hi! After a year of hiatus from dropping these mixtapes of mine, I return as "Selector El Flyer" with this fresh one! Two hours of varied selections from my vinyl record collection. Please download it n enjoy on your summer adventures!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Rebirth" solo Exhibition in Montreal

So I am currently having a new solo exhibition at Letter Bet Gallery in Montreal (4919 Notre-Dame O.). Up till the 16th of May, it offers a bunch of new art I havent showed here before, along some classics.

I actually forgot to post about this before the opening, but it was a fun night, and I even got to play some vinyl for my sweet attendees.
I also got interviewed by Christine Long from CTV and had a bit of TV time.

Anyways, for more info or to get one of the limited edition prints we silkscreened together, go HERE>

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Artventures in Nepal, webisode #20!

Here is my 20th (!!) Artventures Webisode!! Stoked! And its a special one, cruising around Nepal! Hope you enjoy it!

Northern California Workshop!

This coming June 14th to 17th I will be teaching an art workshop in northern California, to raise funds to protect the trees of the area. For more info and sign up, go HERE.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Artventure Video! Chicago!

Hi! Please check out the latest of my Artventures Travel n Art videos. This one is about Chicago, where I had a little solo show and painted a few murals. Hope it is fun for ya!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thailand Art n Medicine Retreat

Guys! Im having on of my Art and Medicine Retreats in Thailand this March 9th till 14th! Come and join me in the beautiful island of Koh Phagnan for some great days of art creation and sacred medicine ceremonies! For info and sign ups, please call Elena at +796-7154-7291 (Wassap) or +66-95-738-1201 (Thai phone). For more info, please visit HERE.

Artventure Webisode 18 in Portugal!!

Hi! Please check out my latest (18th) Webisode for my art and travel video series, The Artventures!! In this one I cruise around Portugal, checking out much art in ancient cities like Lisbon and Cintra, but also paint a mural at Boom Festival. Hope you enjoy it!!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Podcast Interview with Chris Grosso

I recently did a Podcast Interview with Chris Grosso, the Indie Spirtualist, on Ram Dass' radio "Be Here Now". Listen to our interesting conversation!!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Australia Tour 2018!

 Australia!!! I’m coming to get ya! For the next month and a half, this friendly koala will be touring Melbourne and Byron Bay. Im starting with live painting a mural at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 between January 26-29th. After that I’ll be teaching a 3 day workshop (February 3-5th) at Second Story Studios in Melbourne. Once I make it to Byron Bay Area, I’ll be live painting at Cymatic Maps at I’ll be live painting at Earth Frequency Festival 2018 at Ivory’s Rock, February 16-19th. And to end it all with a bang, I’ll be teaching an epic 9 day Workshop with my artist friend Adam Scott Miller at beautiful Paradise One . Called “Positive Visions” it’s going down between February 23rd and March 3rd. Info on all of these on their Instagram accounts or event pages on Facebook. Hope to meet my Australia family!

Russia Artventure Video, webisode #17!

After a year hiatus on my Artventures Travel/Art Videos, I am happy to present a brand new episode! Brought to you by my new sponsor Third Eye Tapestries . This one is in Russia, exploring their rich culture and dropping some art too!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Art and Medicine Retreat in Peru

This coming December I will be back in the jungle of Peru, Katari Center in Tarapoto, teaching an 8 day workshop, which also includes 3 ceremonies of sacred medicine with my personal shaman, Herbert Quinteros. Its is literally a life changing experience, so you should join us there.
For more info go HERE or write me at .

Workshop in Byron Bay, Australia

This is another one of these awesome workshops coming up. This one is in beautiful Byron Bay in Australia, at Paradise One. It will last 9 days and will be done  in collaboration with my great artist friend Adam Scott Miller. If youre in teh area, dont miss it! For more info, go HERE.