Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Qee group exhibition in Lincoln

This coming May 7th I will be participating in a group show of painted "Qees" (vynil plastic toys from Hong Kong). This will be happening in Marz martini Bar, in1140 O street in Lincoln, NE. I don't know which state NE is but sounds nice. Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Visionary art show in Hawaii!!

This summer I wont have the chance to travel so much (as I am getting married in July). But I will be going all the way to the big island of Hawaii to make it to a big Visionary Art Festival called ALCHEMEYEZ. This will go down from June 10 to 13 and I will be there showing some original pieces, doing live art and selling my stuff in the arts market. The event has some of the biggest names in Visioanry art and music, so it should be pretty epic, not to mention the unique location. Hope to see you there!! http://alchemeyez.com/Alchemeyez_Home.html

To be Published with Schiffer Books!!

This last week I got a call from Peter Schiffer, who is the Publisher of Schiffer books. They put out awesome books, like the Jim Phillips (artist for Santa Cruz skateboards) book I am enjoying in this photo.
I was uber-stoked to hear from him that Jim Phillips himself had recomended the book I have been working on for a year, and that he wants to publish it!! This is huge as my 250 color page art book will be widely distributed worldwide next year. A dream come true. i will let ya know when it's out!!

New board for Series Kates n ad in Expose mag

This coming 28th of April will be the official Launch of my newest skate graphic for Series skateboards, an arts focused brand from Montreal. The party will happen at Salon Officiel (351 Roy est.) after 10. The new Expose Mag will also be released there, and you will find a new Positive Creations advertisement in it's pages.
So hook yerself up with both next week!!