Friday, June 30, 2017

New Limited Edition Prints

There are a couple of gorgeous new Limited edition prints out these days with my art on them. The top one is by Station 16, a silkscreen piece of ancient Peruvian God Huiracocha, signed and numbered edition of 50. Available HERE>

Then House of Roulx made these awesome signed and numbered Archival Pigment Print, a series of 25.
Available HERE>

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer 2017 Live Painting Events!

So this summer I will be touring the States a bit, live painting at different Festivals and events. Here is where you can find me blasting a mural and maybe even giving a speech:

-Chalice Festival,                         in Victorville, California,                on July 7-9

-Agenda Trade Show,                 in Long Beach, California                on July 13-15

-Farm Festival,                            in Hammonton, New Jersey             on July 21-23

-Stilldream Festival                     in Belden, California                        on July 28-31

-Oregon Eclipse Festival             in Mitchell, Oregon                          on August 17-23

-Visionary Summit                       in Paonia, Colorado                         on September 1-3