Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skin the Bottle Series

Skin the Bottle is a company from San Francisco that produces metal bottles (that unlike plastic ones are non toxic) that have bright colors and artwork on them. They recently gave me a 6 bottle series on their webpage where you can order these puppies online.

Go to www.Skinthebottle.com and go to the street art section. If you order today, you dont hav eto pay for shipping fees, so get on it!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tribe 13 group show in Mendosino, California

Today starts a Visionary Art show organised by Tribe 13 in Mendosino, California. My art will be part of it so try to check it if youre there before the end of April. All details on the flyer here.

Interview on Artsprojekt site

Artsprojekt, an awesome artist collective started by Andy Howell (former pro skater n artist) in California, put out an interview with me. I just put together few new products on my artsprojekt profile, like shoes, so go n buy some if ya wanna. Bless!