Thursday, May 31, 2012

Transworld Business Interview with Jordan Utz

My partner in crime, Jordan Utz is the graphic designer at Creation Skateboards (and the other High Grade Distribution brands). Today he got an interview come out in Transworld Business. He talks about the brands, our upcoming skate video and even mentioned me in that mix. Check it out HERE.

My own "Art Hustle" Trading Card!!

I just received my sample of my profile trading card what is coming out soon with "The Art Hustle" This 3rd series includes epic low brow artists like Chet Zar, Gary Baseman, Cope 2, Glenn Barr, Niagara, KMNDZ, Johnathan Levine, Dirty Donny, etc, etc, etc. Now I got to draw up a stack of these to exchange with the artists too. Stoked to be part of this and to get original art from the other artists!! For more info about these Trading Cards and how to scoop em, go to .

Monday, May 28, 2012

Article in Guatemala Skate Magazine

Last week the Guatemalan skate mag El Spot dropped it's latest issue and in there I had a 12 page article and interview in spanish. Also in that mag is the Creation ad I made with Barry n my big o spray paint piece. To see the full issue online go HERE .

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moksha Symbol Unveiling Video

Here is a new Youtube video I just posted of the unveiling of the Moksha Symbol last December in Miami. I was a bit tipsy so my crappy speech skills came out extra wakky, but at the same time I think it came out pretty  funny n real. I just get tired of visionary artists acting all serious as if their painting alone will rescue humanity. Yes, that is our intention, but we shouldnt act arrogant about it and keep it light. Anyways, I hope you enjoy ths visionary comedy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

CHROMATIK group show

This weekend CHROMATIK goes down. It si a big fancy multidiciplinary art show with music performances n stuff. I was selected to have my Moment of Truth painting on there, so Im happy cause thousands new people will be able to see it. Unfortunetly I am not in Montreal at this time (in Belgium for some months) so I will miss it. For more details, please got HERE.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick show at "Death of Vinyl"

So I just got back from my very productive trip to Los Angeles, and spending 2 crazy busy days in Montreal before flying to Belgium for 2.5 months.
Despite this tomorrow Wednesday night (the 16th) I am showing some art at "Death of Vinyl" record store on 6307 Saint Laurent. It will be the official inauguration of my mural and entrence. Barry will also be showing some of his boom boxes and Mossman will be showing his hand painted jamaican signs and record labels. Should be chill.
Event page is HERE.

My friend Other will be actually having his art show opening 2 doors away at Yves Laroche Gallery, so I will be checking that out too. Should be fun.

Brandon Lomax Blog post

I just got in from my very productive week in Los Angeles, and I saw this very nice post by an artists friend about me. Brandon Lomax is a talented artist and graphic designer for clients like Roxy, Reef, In I, Satori, etc. We hanged out for a day or 2 in Venice and Topanga where he lives. Good times. Check out the Blog post HERE. Honored.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DVD review in Peruvian Skate mag

My mom just sent me these Slide Skate mags from peru. In them I spotted a little review of my DVD movie. Yes, spelling mistakes are a peruvian heritage I've inherited. Happy to have a connection with the skate scene of my original country. Did you see the movie yet? If not, go HERE.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Video from the 2006 vaults

A friend just pointed out to me this old school video of a classic Montreal group show "State of Nature" done at the Red Bird Studios back in 2006. Some funny shit!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Artsprojekt art products

So I just designed a bunch of new art products on Zazzle/Artsprojekt. Mostly cases n skins for portable technology like phones n technologies. Other than that I already got ties, posters, bags, skates, stickers, magnets, etc. All nice n cheap if ya wanna scoop any products HERE.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review in Rebel Ink mag

The new issue of Rebel Ink Tattoo Magazine just came out and in it's first pages my book got a nice review. Im extra stoked cause I've never been in a tattoo mag. Grab a cop if possible.

Art Battle of Los Angeles

Next Week I will be in Los Angeles, California to participate in my first ever ART BATTLE, at CK (Connoisseur Kulture) Trade Show. My opponents are Dunkees Skateboards' Daniel Militonian and Windwood Walls Shai Moreno. Will I crush em into a humiliating defeat or shall I be stomped myself? The mission of my art is a bit different from any competitive fight, but it should be a fun live jam either way. I will also have a booth with my products at wholesale prices. I heard Snoop Dog might be snooping around and maybe some Marleys, so Im stoked. The CK trade show is happening May 11th and 12th at Barker Hangar (3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, Ca). For more information go HERE .