Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bombes Sur Le Main

Yesterday I participated in a surprise "Urban Intervention" in the intersection of downtown Montreal's busiest Avenues (Saint Laurent and Saint Catherine). There are all these porn/streeptease shops that got closed down in that block and will be demolished at the end of summer. So Under Pressure hired me along a bunch of the best graffiti artists of Montreal (including other crews of mine like La Paria and EnMasse) to beautify this area.

So I painted up a shut down store front with a big spiritual Godface. Peeps seemed to like it as I even got interviewed for the 6pm news on CBC.
You can check the report here:

So enjoy these fun mural's over summer! Bless!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oasis Skateshop Show in Hawaii

This Tuesday 8th of June at 8pm I will be at Oasis Skateshop in Hilo, on the Big island of Hawaii (794 Kilauea Av). For a few hours I will be doing some Live art and signing some of my boards, prints and books. So if your in that remote location come and say hi!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

KnowledgeBorn07 CD cover

KnowledgeBorn07 is an excellent musician from South Bend, IN. He jsut put out his new LP called Cosmic Knowledge and includes 11 songs by himself and collaborations with greats as Popa Wu, Ras Attitude, Prince Po, etc. And yeah, it has my art on the cover.

You can download it for free HERE . Enjoy!!

New Canvas

So I just spent 31 straight days at my desk painting my latest canvas for my upcoming group show in Hawaii. It is called "The Apotheosis of Duality" and in a nutshell it is the journey of a human into assention. Hope you like it!!