Saturday, April 20, 2013

Record Store Day

Today not only is 420 but also Record Store day! I've been collecting for 13 years now and love em!! This amazing video just came out and it also includes my art spliced in it. ENjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Hologram Prints!!

I just a couple new hologram designs (Fractal Dimension and Moment of Truth) in a couple of sizes. They look pretty sweet on the wall. Go n get one HERE.

Peruvian Ayahuasca article

I just got the heads up that CT Magazine from Peru had an article on Ayahuasca where they used my art to illustrate the mother vine. Unfortunately they didn't ask me for permission or credit me, but I dont mind much since at least they where using my art for positive purposes, which is what it's all about. To see the article in more detail go HERE.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Positive Creation Mix Tape out now!!! Free!!!

For years I have been wanting to release a Mix CD with the tunes of many of my talented musical friends, but never could afford to produce them. I tried this again when I released my DVD, but once again I couldn't spare the extra coin for this fun project. So now many years later I am releasing this first Positive Creations Mix tape Online, as a Soundcloud set where you can listen n download 32 of my friends' best gems!! Many of these where people I've done CD covers for or who donated vibes for my documentary. if you're digging what you hear, please spread it and check out the webpages of these artists too! Enjoy HERE or right bere below!!

Emerging Light Group show in Colorado

This May 11th at Trace Gallery in Boulder Colorado, I will be part of a nice visionary group show. Lineup is dope so check it out if you're there! For more details about it, go HERE.

My art on powerful CNN video

This week my art was on CNN again, in teh shape of a tapestry behind a fan of my art. That is cool n all, but the real reason to see this video is to hear teh story that she and her husband tell. He, Tomas, went to war in Iraq cause he thought he was defending his country. He was injured and crippled pretty quick and on his returned started spreading truth about  the war. By now he is in so much pain he is just going to let himself die. Hopefully a story like this touches some hearts and helps stops so much unnecessary suffering in this poor planet of ours. Check out the video HERE>