Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alchemistas Ipad App

So theres this new App called Alchemistas that is like a virtual book about Visionary Art, in which I am included, that you can check on your ipads n tablet devices. To go n get a copy of this, go HERE.

Outsider art in the Eastern Townships

If you happen to be in the country side of the Eastern townships of Quebec, Georgeville to be precise, go n check out this group art show I am part of at Studio Georgeville. Organized by the Shazam Fest fam, it should be fun. For more info go HERE.

Interview with Acidmath

A new interview just came out with the spiritual art Blog Acidmath. Go n check it out HERE!

Rage On Onsie

Some People know them as "Onesies", others at Jumpsuits. Either way you can use them at the next music festival you attend, or just put it on the next time you run around nature high on mushrooms. It will trip your friends out!!!
Available now via Rage On HERE.

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Online Store!!

So I just spent a few months making a nice n stylish online store for you to go and spend all of your pocket money at!!! Go HERE.

Slide skate mag interview

I got a 2 page article/interview in the latest edition of Peru's Slide skateboarding magazine.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Workshop at COSM

I am stoked to announce that Alex Grey's COSM invited me to come back for a couple of weeks this early September. In that time I will be teaching a 2 day skateboard graphics Workshop there.
If you're interested in learning how I go about brush painting on skateboards or whatever else, and you're not so far away, make sure to make this! I left the price cheap (100$) for ya too!
For more info go HERE.

Peru Artventure Webpisode

Here is my latest Artventure Webpisode. It describes my 2 month trip to Peru earlier this year, so its a bit longer (15 minutes), but I think it steh best episode yet, so hope you enjoy it!!!
Positive Creations in Peru (Artventures Webpisode #5) from Chris Dyer`s Positive Creations on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sunlight Chronicles Book 2

Many years after from releasing Book 1 of the Sunlight Chronicles, I finally am making Book 2 available for you to purchase!! So stoked on that!! Go here and get a copy for less than 20$ !!