Friday, September 23, 2016

Art Workshops in Peru and Bali!!

Really really excited about a couple of new Art Workshops I am offering for the months of November and December, cause they will take place in Tarapoto (in the jungle of Peru) and Bali, Indonesia.

So the Peruvian Workshop, will be happening at Katari healing Center in Tarapoto (the jungle) and is 10 days long between December 12th and 19th. It includes 3 Medicine Ceremonies with my shaman Herbert Quinteros, and has 2 local guest art teachers. There will also be a sweat-loge ceremony and a trip toa  waterfall. All of this, your jungle hut and all meals for the 10 days are included in the 2000$ price. If you are interested in signing up, hit me up at .
For more details go HERE.

Then the Indonesean Workshop, happens at the gorgeous Blue Karma Resort in Ubud, Bali. It is 3 days long, from the 11th to teh 13th of November, and only costs 195$. For more info go HERE and to sign up go HERE.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Artventure Webisode #15 in Mexico

Here is the latest webisode of my Artventures Art Travel series. This 15th chapter goes down in Mexico, I hope you enjoy it!!

New Press!

So I was in a couple of magazines last month. This awesome Contemporary magazine from France called Hey! had a 10 page spotlight on my art, with a nice article n all.
Then High Times magazine reviewed my new coloring book, so I was stoked on that too.

Live Painting for Tipper in Denver this October

So next month I will be back in Denver to Live paint at a 3 night Event with Tipper and friends at The Fillmore!! Super stoked to paint you something super sick!! For more info go HERE!!

New Backpacks!

Hey! Heads up cause now The Headspace made these very awesome backpacks with my art on them!!! You can already go and grab them off my web store HERE!!

Earthdance Florida

Hi! Sorry for the lapse of communication here on my Blog!! I was out travelling Norway, Russia, Portugal and then Chicago. Life has been busy since I got divorced! About to leave for Florida, so making sure you know about this one!
Earthdance Festival is having me over to paint a mural and give a speech, so make sure to catch me there!! For more info go HERE.