Thursday, February 24, 2011

My art in David Icke's new DVD

A new 7 hour speech of David Icke in London has just come out on DVD. ON teh 4th disc, he talks about the evolution of our species and he used one of my most popular paintings to illustrate his point. So honored!! It's on minute 33: 50 if you want to check it out.
David Icke has never been my #1 consciousness research speaker cause he focuses so much on the negative side and gets so mad about it, but I do must admit that I agree with him in most he says and appreciate his work helping wake people up. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moment of Truth, new mega painting

I have been working on this puppy from mid December, until February 11th (Egypt's liberation), for 55 days exactly. I tried to step up my techniques game by adding airbrush (thanx to Luc Bouchard for lending me his pump) and oil paints (thanx to Kevin Ledo for the refresher sessions).

The piece is about a normal urban human as the middle of it's reality, at a crucial time where all parallel realities are open. As opposed to past mega paintings that focus more on worldwide and ancient cultures, I wanted to give more props to our own contemporary North American cultures. The man has a city landscape skate jam session going on to his right/east and a rocky mountain rain-forest surf session to his left/west. I also included graffiti and tattoos as art cultures I appreciate in our areas. The man is holing a power ball of light that has a crystal scull inside, the ancient technology we need to balance out the vibration and create the rainbow bridge to a better reality. To the left he has a futuristic ET , equipped with a Nintendo Power Glove, Zapper and Flux Capacitor (props to video game and psi-fi cultures) and to the right he has a multicultural Goddess Priestess with a mega crystal. Both shoot rays to activate his heart, so the evolution is complete.
Above we have a more higher aspect of the God face, complete with flower/plant soul, freedom bird consciousness, 3d flower of life and a votex into infinity! We also see the Sun and Moon on each side of the male/female duality of this canvas, as well as a dieing planet with blood earth and black oil sea (top left), and a pure healed earth (top right) that is upside down cause it is after the axis flip.

Anyways, big thanx to my reference pictures models: Barry, Valerie, Csilla. Please feel free to share. I can make canvas prints on request if you'd want this on your wall. Blessssssssss!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sings of our Times

Most doors on my block have the "No Flyers" sticker on them, yet the “Publisac” delivery man will hang their bags on our stoops and front fences instead. It looks horrible and it is super disrespectful towards us. Publisac is such a waste of resources: paper and plastic, trees and oil, and for what? Some stupid coupons nobody wants? Maybe I shouldn’t be so aggro with my installation here, but I just need them to get the message clearly and stop leaving their wasteful garbage all over my block and our city.

This picture n story was very well received on my Facebook page and recently made it to the blog "Sings of our Times" you can check here: .

Alchemeyez Promo video

Omanada, an awesome video producer from Germany filmed and edited this cool video about Alchemeyez Visionary Art Festival in Hawaii, from last spring. Im in it around and talking for 2 seconds near the end. Check it out here: