Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visionary Mind MTL show

Back in 2009 I tried to introduce Visionary art to my city of Montreal. That event included over 30 of the best international artists of that movement, an dit was pretty successful, but too much work for an overwhelmed artist like myself...
That is why I am stoked to announce that Open Mind Festival is throwing a big Visionary art party this Saturday!! I will be there from 3pm till 3am guiding some workshops, live painting, giving a slideshow speech, showing original artwork, etc.
Other artist son the lineup include MArk Henson, Martina Hoffmann, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Randal Roberts, etc.
Pretty stoked. Hope to see ya there. FOr more info go HERE.

RaveNectar tee

This lil clothing brand from Montreal called RaveNectar just made this prototype tee with one of my paintings. Looks pretty sweet. They are now doing a kick-starter campaign to raise funds to afford the machine to afford these puppies. If you're feeling the vibes of this brand, you can help em out HERE.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Republic Snowboards

Last year I designed this cool Snowboard design for Republic and it just got released. You can hunt them out HERE>

Belgium Blogs

This week, a couple of popular blogs form Belgium, No New Enemies, and Modart posted about my recent trips to Berlin n Australia, spray painting different surfaces. Check them out!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Color Ink Book

ColorInk Book is a DIY periodical that serves as a coloring book with the best low Brow art out there. I recently submitted a few of my black n white drawings (which are my commercial graphics for different clients) and was stoked to find out that I had 8 full pages in their most recent issue (#18) along big artists like Bigfoot and Angry Woebots. If you'd like to grab one online, you can do so HERE.

STS9 Posters

This is a double feature poster I made for some concerts that STS9 (Popular jam band) will be having in Chicago soon. The charity group "Conscious Allegiance" asked me to donate it so they can exchange it with perishables and then give those to hungry poor people. RIghteous. Find out more about it HERE.

Sacred Geometry Website

Recently, a Sacred Geometry Website from Australia, added me to their roster of artist. Check me out HERE along other rad spiritual expressions from beyond.