Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Station 16 Group show

In collaboration with the Mural Festival, Station 16 made a super dope group show with all of the artists that participated on the streets this past week. The opening already went by, by the art is still up for a month of so. For more info on this new cool gallery, go HERE.

MURAL Festival

Last week I was the last minute addition to MURAL Festival, which is Canada's first Street Art (do not confuse with graffiti) big scale event. I  was given a huge wall to paint besides local wall killers like Other, Labrona, Botkin, Omen, A-shop, etc. and international heavyweights like Roa, Gaia, Pixel Pancho, Phlegm, etc. What an honor and though a hard week of work it was super fun and rewarding.

The aftermath was great too, cause my art made it into several places including CTV news, The Huffington PostBrooklyn Street Art, Vandalog33Mag, Streets are saying things, Daily Motion, Bizarre Beyond Belief magazine, T+E blog, 24h newspaper  etc, etc. I was also instagramed by the original graffiti photographer Martha Cooper and the infamous Instagrafite.
So yeah, Im stoked!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sole Power Group Show

This Friday at GreenLight Gallery, I will be part of another fun group art show there. This time the canvas are Vans shoes. So it should be a pretty fun one. See you there!
More info HERE.