Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kick-ass Kickstarters!

Presently, I have 3 visionary friends raising money with the crowd-funding system of "Kickstarter". Go n check them out, and please pitch in at least one:
1) Alchemistas- a visionary art book including the works by many of the best artist sof this powerful art movement, including myself. Go HERE.

2) Entheon- Alex Grey is building a temple for visionary art in his land in northern New York, but it takes a community to make it happen. He is also having a fundraiser event this Thursday the 16th, where he will be auctioning one of my original drawings. Go HERE.

3) Michael Divine- another friend of mine is going to self publish a nice book of his art and needs help making it happen. You can pre-order your copies already. Go HERE.

Talking of books, I still have plenty of my own hardcover book, which are always available on Amazon or from my human hands.

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