Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moksha Art Fair Activities in Miami

Here is the official Flyer for the Moksha Art Fair, happening in Miami next week. I will be showing art with great sof visionary art like the Greys, Venosas, Henson, Sage, Thompson, etc.

Other Events I will be part of there are:

-Pannel Discussion (with other visionary artists) and then I will unveil the new Moksha symbol Painting they commissioned me. That will go down Thursday the 1st of December, from 8:30 to 10 pm, at 7th Circuit Studios (228 N.E. 59th Street in Miami, 33137).

-Slideshow Speech- An hour comedy routine about my art and life, with pretty pictures to watch meanwhile. This is happening Friday the 2nd at noon, also at 7th Circuit Studios. And of course my Book Launch will happen later that day (4 to 6) at The Filmore in Maimi Beach.

-I will also be painting some murals along my fellow Montreal artist crew of En Masse at Scope Art Fair and Primal Flight, so look for me working there at random times!!

For more info, go to .

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