Monday, October 22, 2012

Australia Tour

So, It seems like Australia is a go!! Stoked to cross the world an meet my ozzy family. Other than live painting/exhibiting at the week long Eclipse Festival I already posted about here, I will be participating in a few other awesome events!

Just as I arrive, Sunday November 4th I will go straight to Entheogaia Festival, to live paint on the last day of that event. Sounds nice. For more details of that festival, go HERE.
After the Eclipse Festival I will be at the opening of a group show called "Divine Align" at Infintus Gallery. For more info, go HERE.

And then on my last week there I will be taking and teaching a workshop by Adam Scott Miller and Amanda Sage, also at Infinitus gallery. For more info on that, go HERE.

There will be more, but it will rise up organically, so hopefully see you there!!

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