Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sound Tribe Sector 9 Concert Poster

I was recently asked to make a concert poster for the popular jam-band STS9 (sound Tribe Sector 9) who will be playing the Georgia Theater on Halloween night. This poster will be sold by "Conscious Alliance" in exchange of cans of food to feed the hungry. If you're a fan of that band in that town, make sure to get this limited edition Poster!! I should have some for sale later on for those who can't make it there too. Holla!

To check out the event information go to http://www.consciousalliance.org/2011/08/sts9-4/


  1. Hello! My boyfriend bought him one of these posters and me one of these posters... he absolutely loved them. He lost his on his way home at the airport. Bummer! I was wondering (since I really dont wanna have to give up mine) if you had any extras you could sell? It would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi I just caught this comment. Not sure if you still want one of those posters, but I could sell you one when I get back to North America in August or you could buy it off the Conscious Alliance webpage. Thanks for wanting it so bad!!

  3. Hi Chris. I also would love one of the STS9 Athens posters. Do you have one more?