Friday, April 20, 2012

Creation Board Launch in Montreal

Yesterday, my friend Barry Walsh and me threw another one of our series of event here in Montreal. Sorry I forgot to post it here before, but you probably saw it on Facbook.

Anyways, it was a great bash where lots of local art n skate heads came together for good vibes, music, drinx, art n danxin.
Underworld let us do it at their new bar. Barry n Alex Forbes (Vans Canada) spun vinyl classics. Peru and Other (in Montreal for 1 night only) joined me to exhibit original art on the wall, along some of the new boards of the Creation catalogs.

It was a great time and I'll post more pics on my Facebook soon.
In the meantime, please support our humble movement and buy a Creation board from your local skate-shop or off CULTURE SKATE
. Big Thanx!

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