Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Good day for Art

Today I had a good day. Ive been in Gent, Belgium for like a week now and find myself by my own in a cozy lil hotel room, where I've been painting, eating fries with mayo and painting a vynil "Qee" toy for fun.So I finished that piece today and dropped it off at a local street art store called "City Kings" so its displayed for these next 2 months here.

I then went out to practice my spray paint skills in a graffitty alley they have here. I was pretty happy with what came out. I am starting to be less crappy at it, so I wanna do more.

Then, as I walked back home I randomly went into this huge beautifull church and enjoyed seeing lots of awesome old school art. But the best was bumping into a 15th century masterpiece by Van Eyck. "Lamb of God" is a giant triptich set of paintings that blew my mind, crazy detailed and realistic and spiritual. A really humbling experience to be in it's precence, especially so unexpected...

After talking to my girl on the phone n having dinner with my aunt at a vegetarian restaurant here, I came back to this hotel to find that a new Tech Dech toy skateboard with my art just came out. So I am stoked. Nothing like reaching kids through the heart of the mainstream!

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